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Paypal Verification Guidelines

Verification Guidelines

  • You are required to verify your telephone number through our automated phone verification process.
  • Our operators could call you for a one time phone verification, if you are unable to verify via our automated phone verification system.
  • Ensure that your e-mail address is always up to date, as all updates will be sent to the customer via e-mail.
  • Ensure that your payment information is valid and regularly updated.
  • Keep our e-mail address ( ) on your White List to ensure that our e-mails do reach you.

When sending in additional information requested the following Identification is accepted :

  • Passport
  • Identification Card
  • Driver's license

Name, birth date and billing address to be shown.

Important: Please blank out other information that you deem sensitive.

If you are using a credit card.

  • Please enclosed a fax or scan of the front and back of the credit card.
  • Please blank out CVV.
  • Show only the first 4 digits and the last 4 digits. The rest of the numbers blank it out.
  • Expiry date must be shown.

Guidelines on how to blank out sensitive information on a credit/debit card.

Front of the credit card BEFORE blank out:

Front of the credit/debit card AFTER blank out:

Back of the credit/debit card BEFORE blank out:

Back of the credit/debit card AFTER blank out:


We may request for additional documentation if we are unable to verify the order details due to communication barriers or outdated information. All documents received will remain private and confidential and used for verification purposes only.

If you wish to skip this verification step or if for any reasons, your credit card or Paypal payment has been rejected, we would advise you to pay using Moneybookers,...


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